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Melissa Munger Art | Live Painter | Alabama | Gulf Coast | Wedding Painter | wedding portrait painter | wedding portrait painting | live artist at wedding | live wedding painter | painter for wedding


Hi, I'm Melissa

I can't wait to meet you!

 Believe it or not, given my years of being a part of some of the biggest days and parties of all of your lives, I'm actually the epitome of an introvert. My quiet nature and love of seeing the romance in the world in both the big moments as well as all of the beautiful mundane things in life gives me the ability to shut out the noise and tune into the little details, quirks and subtleties in my subjects and that, I believe, makes both my portrait work and my live painting unique.

Despite being self taught, I strive to work in traditional methods for my formal portrait work and adapt those methods and techniques for live painting so that each painting is rich, full and romantic. You won't see trendy art here, but rather, a unique marriage of impressionism and romantic realism that will stand the test of time and be passed down for generations!

Oh, and yes, I do have pet Doves that keep me company in the studio!

Their names are Jane & Lizzie (if you know, you know!)

"One can paint a moment or time of day. Even the feeling of a moment. It is what Impressionism is - the painting of a moment. But how does one paint movement itself? Paint time passing?

-Edouard Manet

Melissa Munger Art | Live Painter | Alabama | Gulf Coast | Wedding Painter
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Most artists will tell you that portraiture is their least favorite thing to paint, or at least the hardest. For me it is a passion and that passion has pushed me into a decades long drive to learn and grow so that capturing likenesses is something that comes easily (well, most days!). You can rest assured that your live paintings will look like you- no abstraction here! I also have seven years of live painting experience behind me. I've worked will all sorts of couples, venues, vendors and situations (weather and otherwise!) and nothing will surprise me or keep me from performing my very best on your day! Live painting is known as the extreme sport of artistic endeavor and it helps to know your artist is equipped and up to the challenge. 

I'm also the artist for you if you value seeing the beauty in the small things in life, a good romantic comedy (or my favorite, a good period piece set in 19th century England!), collecting and sharing funny TikToks with your significant other at the end of the day, and calling your bestie because you just scored the best thrift find! But even if you roll your eyes at all of the above, I love being around and painting all kinds of people, so let's be friends anyway! 

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