Live Wedding Painting
 Live Painting  may seem like the new thing, but it was used for centuries by royals and aristocracy to capture parties and events. When photography came on the scene, painters were no longer employed to capture these events and the art died away. Today it's the one entertainment investment you get to keep for a lifetime!
There is something unique and romantic about allowing an artist to capture your most romantic moments and wedding details in a work that will transcend a single moment and capture the feeling and spirit of the event in a single painting. It is something that will grace your home for generations and will be passed down as a treasured heirloom. 

My style of live painting is romantic and impressionistic. The focus of the piece is all about the bride and groom and my decades of portrait work provide the skill to capture the two of you and your likenesses to the awe and amazement of guests and family. You choose your moment and let me paint the magic...

I specialize in two styles of live painting and you can find examples of those on my gallery pages "Illustrations" & "PORTRAITS". 


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canvas sizes range from 
16x20 - 24x36
Destination Weddings over 2 hours away are limited and will be subject to travel fees

Mobile / Pensacola

$2,000 +

Montgomery / New Orleans

$2,200 +

Birmingham / Atlanta / Jacksonville

$2,400 +

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