Katelyn & JC
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"Illustrative" live paintings capture you and your spouse in a moment that offers a view of the entire scene. These live paintings have a very romantic and impressionistic feel to them. These are perfect for outdoor weddings and exsquisite venues. I will create a composition that will be unique to you and your day. These paintings often provide a reminder of the way your day felt.



"Portrait" live paintings capture a smaller portion of wedding scenery, but offers a very intimate painting of you and your spouse in a moment of your choosing These allow me to use my decades of experience in portraiture to capture you both in high detail. You will be in the foreground of your painting. 


Beach Days

Beach Day paintings celebrate family and the simple quiet things we so often take for granted in this busy world. I will take a day to quietly observe and paint your memories on canvas and create something your family will cherish and that will last for generations.