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Classic Portraits

Classic Portraits are the perfect clean  and simple portrait for highlighting all the features of your sweet ones faces. These paintings suit any interior space and make lovely mothers or fathers day gifts, gifts for grandparents or even as a gift to yourself to capture forever the likeness of your little one at the time you're most enjoying them!

Here's what commissioning a classic portrait looks like:

1. To begin, simply fill out the form below and include a photo of your choosing.

2. We will begin a discussion about how to best compose and highlight your child in their portrait. 

3. At booking, you'll receive an estimated date for completion which will be determined by the date you need the work and the current queue. 

4. I will begin with capturing all the details in graphite and when I believe they are just right I will lay watercolor on top!

5. Your piece is finished and ready for shipping or local pickup!

Don't have professional photos? No problem! Often all you need is some natural light and a smartphone. I'm happy to offer tips and tricks when needed.

I take these little portraits very seriously and I'm so excited to see what you have for me to paint!

Check out the process and size options + pricing below...

Size Options + Pricing

- Single Subject -

5x7 - $115

8x10 - $150

11x14 - $200

16x20 - $250

* $25-75 per additional subject in a single painting.

Let's chat about your special piece!
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