"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his nature into his paintings."

-Henry Ward Beecher


Melissa Munger is a self taught artist who grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, but calls Spanish Fort, Alabama home. She is a wife, mother of two boys and one baby girl. She is an avid fan of Jane Austen, coastal living and lover of all things southern. 

From the time she was three years old, Melissa exhibited a passion for art. Drawing became a regular past-time and as she grew older, parents and grandparents doted on her with gifts of new art supplies and words of encouragement. After a season of complete devotion to charcoal and pencil, her mother finally convinced her to try oils. Thus began a long and colorful affair with paint.

Melissa began painting commissions at the age of thirteen and continued until her family's move to Louisville, Kentucky in her twentieth year. While in Louisville, Melissa met her husband, Lee, at Boyce College and the excitement of dating, marriage and two children had left little room for exploring art. Melissa wouldn't pick up a paintbrush again until the fall of 2015. 

After their move to her husband's hometown of Spanish Fort, Alabama in 2015, Melissa began to realize that art had been missing from her life for far too long. She decided to pick up watercolors to play around with as oils are much too messy when little boys are around! Melissa began dabbling and very quickly fell in love with the medium. After realizing she could do something with this new "hobby", she started posting her works on Instagram and suddenly, she was taking commissions again and pushing herself to grow more and more in her refinement of watercolor work. 

A few short months later, after seeing some talented artists doing something called "Live Event Painting", Melissa knew she had found another creative outlet she just had to explore. She did just that when she was given the opportunity to paint the Mobile Mardi Gras Polka Dot's Ball in 2016. Since that first ball she has painted live at numerous events and weddings in Alabama and the southeast. 

So, where is Melissa heading from here? Well, when she isn't live painting somewhere in the southeast, she's busy working in her home studio on watercolor commissions. To find out where Melissa will be painting or exhibiting next, follow her on social media, here!